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The faint, face-on spiral galaxy IC 5332

Tags: galaxy, spiral, cluster

This delicate spiral galaxy has no distinguishing features or apparent intrinsic interest except that it is unusually faint and beautifully symmetrical. It also has a very small central bulge. This, and its open spiral arms account for its classification (Sc).

The galaxy is in the direction of the south celestial pole (which is why there are so few foreground stars) and of the nearby Sculptor group. Unaccountably, it was once considered a member of the group, but, unlike the major members of the Sculptor group it there is no sign of resolution of stars in the numerous star clumps in its delicate spiral arms. Also, its velocity of recession (about 700 km per second) is a good deal higher than the average for the Sculptor cluster of galaxies. In the background are seen some of the brighter members of an even more distant cluster of galaxies.

Made from "Tek 1" CCD RGB data obtained by Steve Lee and David Malin in September 1997
Top left is NE. Image width is about 7 arc min.

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