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A galaxy in Pavo, NGC 6744

Date created: 1981-04-01

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This beautiful spiral galaxy is in the southern constellation of Pavo (the Peacock) and is at a distance of about 30 million light years. The faint spiral arms have a clumpy appearance and are further fragmented by dust lanes. The curved arms contrast strongly with the bright, smoothy structured nucleus, which is composed of billions of faint stars, and is distinctly elongated. Though many spiral galaxies are described as
resembling the Milky Way, NGC 6744 is probably more like our own galaxy in mass and morphology than any other nearby system. It is seen through the rich star-fields of the southern constellation of Pavo.

Image derived from an AAT plate taken in blue-green light in early 1975.

Credit: David Malin

© Australian Astronomical Observatory