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Deep image of edge-on spiral galaxy, NGC 5084

Date created: 1985-06-01

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NGC 5084 is one of the most massive disk galaxies known, with at least ten times more stars than than the Milky Way, itself a substantial galaxy. We see it in the direction of Virgo at a distance of 50 million light years. The galaxy is edge-on and has a pronounced central bulge, with faint, clumpy spiral arms. Virgo is rich in galaxies of all shapes and sizes, so we should not be surprised to see many in this picture, however
several of the brightest here are in the process of being absorbed by NGC 5084, creating an even more massive galaxy and no doubt create further disturbance of the unusual faint disk. Image derived from an AAT plate taken in blue light.  

Credit: David Malin

© Australian Astronomical Observatory